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    IEL Just Published

    Civil Procedure: 58 Malawi; Commercial and Economic Law: 39 Macau, 40 Ireland; Constitutional Law: 89 Singapore, 90 New Zealand, SUB Argentina; Corporations and Partnerships: 56 Codex, 57 Hungary; Cyber Law: 29 Spain; Energy Law: 27 Malaysia; Environmental Law: 74 Norway; Family and Succession Law: 53 England and Wales; Intellectual Property: 61 India; Intergovernmental Organisations: 40 Unidroit, NAFTA; Labour Law and Industrial Relations: 372 France & Portugal, 373 Bulgaria, Slovak Republic, Case Law ECJ 498-502, 374 International, Portugal, Case Law ECJ 503-504; Media Law: 1 Denmark; Medical Law: 64 Turkey, Japan, 65 South Africa; Property and Trust Law: 13 Uganda; Religion: 1 Estonia; Social Security Law: 75 India.

    Forthcoming volumes

    Civil Procedure: Greece, Egypt, Australia, Austria; Commercial and Economic Law: Estonia, China; Competition Law: India, Slovak Republic, Denmark, South Korea, Lithuania; Constitutional Law: Chile; Contracts: New Zealand, Denmark; Corporations and Partnerships: Malaysia, New Zealand, Brazil, Sweden, Tonga; Criminal Law: USA; Cyber Law: Poland, Kenya, Italy, Greece; Energy Law: Uganda, Italy, Germany; Environmental Law: India, Colombia, New Zealand, Uganda, Spain, Mexico, Canada; Family and Succession Law: Uruguay, Denmark, Croatia, Czech Republic, Zambia, Poland; Intellectual Property: Ukraine, Austria, South Pacific, United Kingdom, Vietnam; Intergovernmental Organisations: ILO; Labour Law and Industrial Relations: Case Law ECJ cases 505-541, Uganda, South Korea, Codex, Switzerland, Hungary, EWC Estonia, Case Law ECHR, Pakistan, Slovenia, Norway; Medical Law: Germany, Austria, Uruguay, Poland; Private International Law: Greece, Czech Republic; Property and Trust Law: New Zealand, Ireland; Religion: Hungary; Social Security Law: Codex; Sports Law: Turkey, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, USA, Australia, Netherlands, South Africa, India; Transport Law: South Korea.

    Welcome to the new IEL authors

    Commercial and Economic Law: Peter Møgelvang-Hansen (Denmark); Competition Law: Hiroshi Yamada (Japan), Chong Kim Lim (Singapore); Constitutional Law: Daniel Kroslak (Slovak Republic); Corporations and Partnerships: Jianhong Fan and Yuan Zhao (Macau); Criminal Law: Zhe Li (Macau), Lewis Chezan Bande (Malawi); Intellectual Property: Marcos Mercado, Perla Koziner (Bolivia); Intergovernmental Organisations: Anna Vilela (Andean Common Market); Labour Law and Industrial Relations: Fernando Elorza Guerrero (EWC Spain), Sutanto Suwarno (Indonesia), Evert Verhulp & Ilse Zaal (EWC Netherlands); Media Law: Peggy Valcke & Katrien Lefever (European Union); Migration Law: Brendah Nabatanzi-Mpanga (Uganda); Private International Law: Juan José Obando Peralta.


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    Civil Procedure

    Commercial and Economic Law

    Competition Law

    Constitutional Law


    Corporations and Partnerships

    Criminal Law

    Cyber Law

    Energy Law

    Environmental Law

    Family and Succession Law

    Insurance Law

    Intellectual Property


    Labour Law and Industrial Relations

    Media Law

    Medical Law

    Migration Law

    Private International Law

    Property and Trust Law


    Social Security Law

    Sports Law

    Tort Law

    Transport Law



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